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Date: May 2017
Category: Web Development 
Islam has a centuries long tradition of inspiring its adherents to contribute to humanity based on conviction in its tenets. Previous generations of Muslims were on the forefront of contributing to medicine, philosophy, architecture, and governance among other areas. We are an institute aiming to rekindle this tradition.


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About Yaqeen

We aim to address relevant topics head-on with the help of the foremost experts in this space. In addition to translating and analyzing classical works on the subject matter, we also aim to actively participate in the current day discourse touching on all topics that are related to establishing conviction in the hearts and minds of Muslims, and battling the false notions that underlie Islamophobia and extremism. The institute aims to be the trusted source regarding these topics by creating engaging content in various formats, including journals, papers, articles, surveys, videos, conferences, and curriculum.

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