How We Did It.

Date: March 2017
Category: Web Development 
We started our business in 2015 selling icecreamrolls-machines at events. We quickly realized that this popular ice-cream idea fascinates everybody from its limitless flavor choices and mixes to the unique way of making the icecreamrolls-machines. Since then, we have been trading all over the UK traveling to different events and introducing this new concept!


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We have the vision to introduce this amazing way of making ice-cream all over the UK. We came into contact with many people who have purchased cheap knockoffs from abroad and in the UK leaving them thousands of pounds out of a packet. We decided to find the top-quality parts for our machines and with a team of qualified engineers based in the UK, we assemble and service all the machine. All of our machines are made to EU standards. We have sold our machines to many customers who are extremely satisfied with the quality of all our products and service who now have thriving businesses thanks to our efficient machines!

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