How We Did It.

Date: August 2017
Client: Islamabad Ghori Town Owner 
Category: Database Design & Web Development
This project is for Ghori Town Owner, we designed their whole company website and database system.
Database features include managing their daily sales, monthly revenue, employee management, monthly sales graph, monthly revenue graphs, comparison graphs between various months and their are two users one is admin and other is employee the difference is that admin has all the rights and can create employee account and have no restrictions and can manage and edit anything in database, on the other end employee have limited access and can only add or edit certain type of data which is permitted by admin.


The Website is developed in HTML5 and CSS3
Database integrated is MySql and PHP is used for making database UI.
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About Al-Rehman Planner

Al-Rehman Planner is a company by Ghori town owner. They developed this whole town and  are managing it. They are working their for past 15 years. They have got a great team behind us and it is lead by Junaid-Ur-Rehm the CEO of AL-Rehman Planners
“Over the past 15 years we’ve done a lot of projects commercial and residetial. We are also town planners and planned various towns and the whole Ghori town is planned and designed by our engineers”