How We Did It.

Date: September 2017
Client: Qualcomm
Category: 4GforALL
We have designed and developed 4GforALL website in collaboration with Phone World.
4GforALL is an initiative aimed at accelerating 4G deployment and usability in Pakistan. The forum has engaged the leading tech companies and various other stakeholders to shape regional and national ICT agenda to close the digital divide and make internet access for all a reality.


Website is designed and developed in WordPress.
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About 4GforALL

The forum strives to ensure efficient 4G network coverage in rural and urban areas of the country and help mobile network operators to explore ways to reduce network cost in order to provide low cost 4G rollout. Along with efficient 4G network coverage, availability of affordable 4G devices is equally important. A coalition with OEMs and ODMs will make certain that entry-level 4G smartphones and tablets are developed and promoted under 4GforAll banner. Lastly, 4GforALL aims to create awareness about digital services in several domains to create demand for IoT and mobile broadband.
We believe that truest technology progression happens when people from every walk of life come together to support each other. Through accelerated efforts of 4Gfor ALL initiative we expect to make major contributions in 4G uptake with 15 million incremental subscribers by the end of 2019 thus, hitting the 100 million mark way before 2020.